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Elite Rose

…the girl next door…

I love to be creative with femdom, findom and fetish.

My footsize is 39/40(EUR), clothing size s/m and i’m in the beginning of my 30’s

Real life sessions with me are exclusive! I already have a (normal) fulltime job so i’m not a fulltime mistress.

I’m mostly available on wednesday, saturday and sunday for real life sessions and other days in the evening for cam or cashmeets, when i’m not at the gym, or enjoying my personal life!

Want to meet up real life? U will have to send a deposit! Mostly i enjoy to go into the woods with a girlfriend, book a hotel, or come to your place with a driver. I focus on the area within 30 minutes of Breda. But i love to travel worldwide when u cover my cost and time. 

U will never see me naked or in lingerie! But i love bikini’s!

Deze meesteres spreekt ook gewoon Nederlands.