• If u sign up with my refferalcode (links>) i’ll give u a free email with all my tips and tricks!
  •  As a starter when i had like 3 camsites open in once i make around 25/30 euro a hour average. But when u get a private request it gets higher!(80cent a min)on the dutch sites.
  • On the American sites u can set your own prices, like skyprivate(TIP) and camlust i advise to put in $1.99 
  • U can do it anonymous, with a mask or wig for example! Or only showing your body, no face. 
  • I only give u links to verified camsites where i got my payout more than 1 time! Just follow the links to the site and the instructions on the site to sign up.
  • (TIP)On STARS-AVN  u can create a paid social media to interact with your fans! For example if u ask 10 dollar a month to follow it and u have 25 followers u get around 250 dollar in the month minus a fee for the site. Ask me for the best way to promote yourself for free, be carefull with Onlyfans they took my money and closed my account!
  • I’m also open for filming together with girls(dom/sub), i have a filming space and lightset u do need your own camera for this! and i can give u tips for more clipsites or camsites and more tips and tricks to make your own money!
  • Crypto is the newest options for payouts from camsites and clipsites, at this moment skyprivate, camlust and cammodeldirectory offer payout in bitcoin, ethereum and tether, this is free of cost, so it’s one of the best option’s right now! Sign up with the link below! From crypto u can transfer it to your own bankaccount!

I love to film with other submissive girls! we made some clips together, go to my video tab to find them in my clipsite, under lesbian domination