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  • Custom clip 4K: $7 a min  

  • $6 a min from 10 min

  • $5 a min from 30 min

  • Quick phone clip: $10 +- 1 min                                                                                      

  • Bikini clip: $10 a min

  • 50% discount on everything if u can pay with in euro’s with Verse, banktransfer, or zalando (so a 10 min pov clothed clip is 30 euro)

How to order your custom clip?

  • Go to contact
  • Answer the following questions in the contact tab:
  • What do u want to see?(bikini? nameuse? joi? footfetish? specify as much as u can!)
  • How long do u want the clip to be? 
  • How can u pay? 
  • All in 1 mail, when u send multiple mails and i forget something that’s your own risk!

Ill confirm i can do your clip and u send your payment.

  • My clips my never be resold or put online anywhere unless u have all the legal rights, i can and will fine u for this. I will resell all custom clips and pictures on my sites.
  • It’s possible to buy items (clothes,shoe’s) from my wishlist and get a clip in exchange for it.
  • No sexual acts from my side
  • U will never see me naked/lingerie
  • No( crushing) animals/children/blood/vomit/racial(religion,choking,scat,pee and sleeping only as a exclusive)
  • Custom clips are min 2 minutes long
  • Clips not possible to resell are double price (scat, pee, blood, pictures, clips,names with copyright)
  • Name use $25 extra(12,50 with the 50% discount options)
  • Exclusive clip for your eyes only double price(exclusive with face 3x times normal price)
  • filmed by a third person from 50 euro for 30 min(25 euro with the discount options)
  • Phoneclips are filmed till noseheight.
  • Clips with another mistress, slave (male or female) are double price and start from 15 minutes(check if i need a hotel)
  • Greenscreen clips with different layers starts from $10 dollar a min depending on what u want and how many layers
  • Delivery time is around 1 week for a basic pov clip i send the clip with wetransfer, want it quicker? pay double and ill do my best!
  • If u lost a custom clip i can send it again for a extra charge of 5 euro (0-30 min clip) and 10 euro (30-60 min clip)