Emailassignments in a little story:

  • example of an email assignment Go to the closet of your girlfriend, get a leather skirt put it on the bed and than put a rope around your balls, start fucking the leahter skirt for 5 min, like u are fucking a girl. Than u will lick for 2 minutes all over the skirt.
  • €5  a piece
  • €40 for 10
  • €75 for 20

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The emailassignments will be send to your email as soon as possible(mostly within 12 hours after payment) it’s also possible to get them on whatsapp or kik


Get a set of email assignments

  • Short tasks (example lick your boots clean)
  • €1 a piece
  • 10 for €7,50
  • 25 for €15
  • 50 for €25