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NOW 1 plus 1 free on my shoes and clothes!

15 euro a piece:

Bottle with pee

Worn thongs

Worn panty’s

Worn clothes

Worn bra’s


Worn socks now 5 euro a pair!

From 25 euro a piece:

Cup filled with spit

Worn shoes

Worn luxe thong/bra

Worn bikini

I do drop offs at a

public place of my wishes, after u paid a 50% deposit 

A drop off is 15 euro extra for travellingcost on the price of the items! And a of 50 euro worth items

Sendingcost are on u!

From 50 euro a piece:

U can buy worn items from bbc alpha!

Also u can find clips from us together in the clipstore.

U can spoil us as an alphacouple!

He doens’t do sessions! Or takes almost never request for custom clips!

From 50 euro a piece:

Box with fresh poo

Thong with fresh poo

Sissyset (skirt/pants and top set with a dress)

Make up set for sissy’s (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow,nailpolish, foundation)