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Do u want to earn money with making clips or camming?

Don’t sign up to just 1 site but to 4 clipssites so u can earn double over just 1 clip u made!

Also with camsites use manycam (it will split your cam) for free so u can be online at more websites at the same time!  As a starter when i had like 3 camsites open in once i make around 25/30 euro a hour average. But when u get a private request it gets higher! (80cent a min)

U can do it anymous, with a mask for example! Or only showing your body, no face. Also men can earn money!

I only give u links to verified camsites where i got my payout more than 1 time!

I’m also open for filming together, i have a filming space and lightset u do need your own camera for this! I’m open for exchange services for example 2 hours of filming with me together i can make a basic website for u, i can do a little basic editing on your clips, or make a basic promo clip for u, and i can give u tips for more clipsites or camsites and more tips and tricks to make your own money!

Email me if u would like a banner exchange! U can find mine here:

If u love to see a bit more naked this is the girl for u, soon we will make clips together so follow us on twitter!