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1 euro a min

(all prices are double if u pay with amazon giftcards or skyprivate

Yes i show my face on Skype! And i have sound

For clothes request i require at least a 10 minutes Skype session!

Bikini sessions are double price

Reservations are made only AFTER your payment.

If u don’t show up there is no refund!

After 23.00 i’m mostly never online so make a reservation and all prices are double.

Nightly sessions (between 01.00 and 7.00) are 4 times normal price.!

Custom pov clips:

2 min: 9 euro

5 min: 14 euro 

10 min: 23 euro

15 min: 31 euro

30 min: 45 euro

60 min: 74 euro

all prices are double if u pay with amazon giftcards

Scat clips or clips not possible to resell are double price

Clips with a male slave(outside filmed), female slave, or extra mistress are double price.(min of 15 min)

Clips filmed outside are 15 euro extra on the price depending on location!

Special effects 10 euro for 15 min

Delivery time for your pov clip from me is about 1 week. If u want a quicker delivery u pay double price.

Name use: 10 euro extra.

Custom hd pictures:

2 euro a piece

15 euro for 10

25 euro for 25

50 for 75 euro

Bikini double price.

Files are send with we transfer.

all prices are double if u pay with amazon giftcards

Kik or app session:

50 cent a minute

Kik or app session with pictures/short clips/audio:

1 euro a min

Expose on Twitter:

10 euro

Retweet game on Twitter:

(deposit of 20 euro) starts from 1 euro a retweet/like/comment