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1 euro a min

(all prices are double if u pay with amazon giftcards or skyprivate

Yes i show my face on Skype! And i have sound

For clothes request i require at least a 10 minutes Skype session!

Bikini sessions are double price

Reservations are made only AFTER your payment.

If u don’t show up there is no refund!

Book before 24 hours to your session and get 2 free minutes with every 10 minutes u book!

Custom pov clips:

2 min: 10 euro

5 min: 15 euro 

10 min: 25 euro

15 min: 35 euro

30 min: 55 euro

60 min: 90 euro

Scat clips or clips not possible to resell are double price

Clips with a male slave, female slave, or extra mistress are 60 euro extra for 30 min clip.

Delivery time for your pov clip from me is about 1 week. If u want a quicker delivery u pay double price.

Name use: 10 euro extra.

Custom hd pictures:

2 euro a piece

15 euro for 10

25 euro for 25

50 for 75 euro

Bikini double price.

Files are send with we transfer.

Kik or app session:

50 cent a minute

Kik or app session with pictures/short clips/audio:

1 euro a min

Expose on Twitter:

10 euro

Retweet game on Twitter:

(deposit of 20 euro) starts from 1 euro a retweet/like/comment