3 different locations in Zevenbergen, i will come together with a girlfriend!

For the first one u need to have a normal bodytype;)

Example of a outside session


an open field or into the woods

A outside location in Breda Noord (prinsenbeek) 

Where u can meet with me alone or a girlfriend for a cashmeet or short humiliation,

it’s possible there will walk some people

Viaduct near Ikea Breda has a little hiding space


Lage Zwaluwe, CLOSED AT THIS MOMENT perfect for a feetnickdate with me and my girlfriend or get humiliated.

I don’t do meets alone here

A nice sandy place hidden in the woods near Ruchpen, ideal for a feetnick date with my girlfriend (witout u jerking yourself) there are walking some people sometimes, most quiet is weekdays) min booking time for this is 30 min

Lage zwaluwe, perfect for a short session even when it rains! together with a girlfriend!

Quiet woods one of the best outside locations very big near Rucphen, u can really do a long outside session here i will come with my girlfriend. Minimum booking time is 30 minutes
small woods near the Ikea in Breda, perfect for a session with my girlfriend together

Photo will be updated later

Polder in Prinsenbeek Breda very quiet, good with a girlfriend

Near Mastbos Breda zuid, big woods a lot of quit places here, ill do sessions together with my girlfriend here

Near Liesbos zuid u won’t get wet here when it rains! During daytime (when it’s light with me alone possible) else with my girlfriend together, it’s a bicycles lane

sessie in het bos

Park Prinsenbeek for when it’s rainy