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Tikkie will not be an option anymore because they started sharing names! Now there is Verse (uploading money with creditcard or google play)

Add my promo code in your settings in Verse: promo codes (TVBRY3) and get €5 free!

When u are a regular customer, u can send money direct to my bank and whe can session when it arrived.

for all giftcards


  • I always prefer, Verse,, zalando, these first 3 will give u 50 % discount on all my prices for cam/pics/video’s

  • crypto and amazon giftcard comes after that for my normal price

  • Than i prefer AVN tips before other clipsites they take only 20 % before my other clipsites who take up to 40%

  • I sometimes accept other giftcards, but i’ll need some extra time to spend the giftcard directly since i cannot add it to my account

  • No paypal directly, there are sites where u can pay the zalando/ giftcard with paypal
  • No paysafecard
  • No tikkie (they share your name now)
  • No discount
  • I can’t pay a hotel, petrol or airplane tickets from giftcards and clipsites take 40% and after i pay tax so make sure u can pay with verse or ask for my payment option for the real life sessions!