Payment options:

  • Verse(uploading money with creditcard or google play)
    Verse name: $roosj1
    Add my promo code in your settings in Verse: (TVBRY3) and get €5 free!
  • Banktransfer.
    Ask for my number. Keep in mind asking without sending i will report. (belgium and other country’s can take a few days)
  • Giftcards can be send to:


Bitcoin wallet: 3HbBrdNwdidjuf2p46JgLWqCEv7LcSYWVh

Ethereum wallet(erc20): 0x24a5736b56a8342bcd4920015df4914a4f5fd24b

For outside sessions or your hotel it’s possible to make a reservation with a giftcard but it will be an extra charge of 20 euro on the session and only near Breda. U can buy the giftcard in lot’s of supermarkets so u can pay cash there. With crypto there is a 5 euro fee (transfer cost) 

  • Please keep in mind that if u pay me on a clipsite 100 euro i will get around 40 euro only! (i do not accept this for real life sessions)

  • I sometimes accept other giftcards for online sessions when they are send directly to my email (VVV giftcard) or AH giftcard but i’ll need some extra time to spend the giftcard first since i cannot add it to my account.

  • No paypal directly, there are sites where u can pay the zalando/ giftcard with paypal see my links

  • Paysafecard is blocked quickly so NO

  • No tikkie (they share your name now)

  • Don’t ever ask for discount, respect my prices and time

  • I can’t pay a hotel, petrol or airplane tickets from giftcards