Real life session with a 2 girls @yourplace/hotel/car or in the woods: 

  • 5 min 70 euro(only in Breda)

  • 15 min: 100 euro (max 30 min from Breda)

  • 30 min: 160 euro(max 45 min from Breda)

  • 60 min: 200 euro

  • 120 min: 400 euro

  • 180 min: 500 euro

    (If u want us to book a hotel for u it’s 20 euro extra, ex hotelcost)

    See travelcost under if u are more than 1 hour away from Breda.

Sauna date:

5 min:100euro

15 min: 150 euro

30 min: 200 euro

This can only be on a day it’s aloud to where a bikini or mixed bikini and naked. Price is ex ticket for the sauna (around 40 pp)

Meet and greet in cafe around Breda your treat: (during covid-19 this can be a walk in the woods)THIS IS NOT AN SESSION JUST A MEET

30 min:€80
60 min: €125

Cashmeets in Breda 2 dommes:

min €100

Shopping trip with 2 dommes:

€250 a hour 

  • Chanel is a tease and does all the things i do and some extra’s  she is from Rotterdam and doesn’t do last minute sessions and is only available on the uneven weeks Monday evening after 18.00 and Friday between 09.00 and 12.00 and weekends:

  • Handjob (with leather or latex gloves on) + 10 euro

  • Footjobs with cumming on feet +10 euro

  • Your dildo in your ass (not strapon)+10 euro

  • From 15 min

  • location between Breda and Rotterdam


Conditions for real life u accept this when u book with us:

  • We do not perform any sexual services only chanel does(so no kissing, no handjobs, no sex)

  • Lock up or bondage and leaving u 80 euro a hour (only in combination with a 1 hour session)

  • Reservations for real life session are only made after a deposit of 50% of your session 

  • I can’t pay a hotel or airplane ticket from giftcards, and clipsites take 40% of the money and after that i’ll have to pay taxes, so make sure u can pay with Verse, Crypto(5 euro fee) or Banktransfer

  • More than 30 KM from Breda (1 hour drivingtime) we charge 60 euro a hour for travelcost unless i’m already there (see twitter for travelupdates) So antwerp, rotterdam, eindhoven, utrecht, goes are included in 1 hour sessions in a hotel, hasselt for example is 30 euro extra

  • When we stay overnight i will never share my hotelroom with u, i need a good sleep and privacy.

  • Scat in a real life session is 50 euro extra from 1 person.

  • U never touch us without permission even with permission u will only touch our feet/lower legs.

  • Meet and greet is relaxed meeting real life with me and my girlfriend and a little drink in a public place where we can talk.

  • Latest time for real life sessions to start wintertime 21.00 summertime 22.00

  • If u want to be filmed for clipsites u need to sign a modelrelease form & copy of your id. (short clips for twitter with no face are no problem).

  • Cancellation fee is always 100% of your desposit paid.

  • For the best sessions explain to me what u are looking for all in ONE mail, if u have more than 3 questions that u can’t find on my website i expect u to book a chat session with me

For my real life sessions with a girlfriend i mostly work with Jessica, dutch blond hair and blue eyes, same age as me see pics above feet size 41 they can be very smelly and she loves to have them licked!

I also had some fun sessions real life with the openminded Mandy where she was a dominant mistress i also filmed some lesbian domination clips with her where she was a sub and u can find them in my clipstores!