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Session inc basic hotel/location real life:

 60 min:  €250

120 min: €350

180 min: €425

Sessions within 48 hours i charge €100 extra (if it’s possible within my schedule)

Session @your place with a driver outside:

15 min: €75

30 min: €120

60 min: €180

within 24 hours €25 extra

Meet and greet:

30 min: €50

60 min: €90

Shopping trip:

€150  a hour spending money


€100 min

5 min humiliation meet outside:


for example lick my boots, bust your balls, faceslap, spit in your face)

Meet and greet 2 dommes:

60 min: €125

Session with a 2 dommes @yourplace:

30 min: €200 

60 min: €250 

120 min: €400 

Within 48 hours we charge €50 extra

2 dommes session outside:

5 min: €65

15 min: €100   

30 min:€ 150

60 min: €230

2 Dommes footmassage outside:

15 min: €65

30 min: €100 

While u smell one dommes foot u can massage the other domme, we will choose a quiet place in the nature

2 girls CFNM  watch u jerk outside:

5 min: 60 euro

15 min: 80 euro

Shopping trip with 2 dommes:

€250 a hour

Fly me to u:


  • 2 airplane (train) ticket’s, i travel with a (girl)friend

  • At least a 4 star hotel

  • Session price

  • 100 euro spending money a day 

  • All paid in advance and booked by me

  • At least 1 month in advance, cause ill need to request free days at work

  • In Europe min of 2 nights, outside of Europe min of 5nights

  • I do not perform any sexual services(so no kissing, no handjobs, no sex)

  • Reservations for real life session are only made after a deposit of 50% of your session if it’s near Breda

  • I can’t pay a hotel or airplane ticket from giftcards, and clipsites take 40% of the money and after that i’ll have to pay taxes, so make sure u can pay with tikkie or ask me for my possible payment options

  • More than 30 KM from Breda i charge 60 euro a hour for travelcost unless i’m already there (see my AVN/Onlyfans/twitter for travelupdates

  • I always book the hotel/location myself, if u want me to come to your hotel, ill come with a girlfriend, see 2 dommes @ your place.

  • When i stay overnight i will never share my hotelroom with u, i need a good sleep and privacy.

  • For luxery hotels (i prefer) add up some money!

  • Last minute hotel/@yourhome sessions are almost no option with me!

  • Scat in a real life session is 50 euro extra.

  • U never touch me without permission even with permission u will only touch my feet/lower legs.

  • Meet and greet is relaxed meeting and a little drink in a public place where we can talk.

  • If u want to be filmed for clipsites u need to sign a modelrelease form & copy of your id. (short clips for twitter/onlyfans/avn with no face are no problem.

  • Cancellation free is always 100% of your desposit paid.

  • For the best sessions explain to me what u are looking for all in ONE mail, if u have more than 3 questions u cannot find on my website i expect u to book a chat session with me, or ask them on my AVN/Onlyfans