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Session in basic hotel real life:

60 minutes: 200 euro

300 euro for a 2 hour session!

350 euro for a 3 hour session!

Sessions within 48 hours i charge 100 euro extra (if it’s possible within my schedule)

scat is 50 euro extra

Shopping trip:150 euro a hour spending money

Cashmeets: min 100 euro

Follow my twitter for cashpointmeets without reservation

5 min humiliation meet outside: 50 euro

(for example lick my boots, bust your balls, faceslap, spit in your face)

Session @your place with a driver outside:

15 min: 65 euro

30 min: 100 euro

60 min: 175

If u want this within 24 hours i charge 25 euro extra

Session with a 2 dommes @yourplace:

30 min: 200 euro

60 min: 300 euro

120 min: 500 euro

If u want this within 24 hours we charge 30 euro extra

Reservations for real life session are only made after a deposit of 50% of your session, only cashmeets on twitter are possible without reservation, but u will have to come to where i want and what time i want! I Always book the hotel myself, for luxery hotels (i prefer) add up some money! Last minute sessions are no option with me!